Re: Tuning error and PC freeze


all OK!

I select favourites: whit 8x RX on the PMR band

Then I close with the key marked with the arrow CLOSE ALL and OPENN single RX on + ADD RECEIVER:

From this moment, if I select a frequency on the "frequency meter" and then click on the LEFT, it remains on the slice of the chosen WF qrg, if I click in other parts of the WF on the right, his retourn still 446MHz.
Often even the RX1 does not appear and is no longer selectable also with a click, even if I normally listen to the audio tuned to the frequency that has ended up.

I have to exit SDRconsole and restart it and everything goes back to normal until the next sequence explained above which presents the problem again.

  I don't know if I was able to explain ... I know my english is bad.


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