Re: Wrong time in file names created by SDR Console (audio files)


It did exactly what you told it to do.

On 20210824 00:44:56, Finndx wrote:

OK. Let's say, I want to record an audio file with SDR Console during live DX moment.

I've wondered this many times before so I know about this problem but made a quick test again:

1) (Audio) Recording button on Rec/Playback ribbon bar was clicked at 20:38:30.

2) So, it suggests file name like this: 23-Aug-2021 20h38m30s, 89.7 MHz, BC-FM

3) I'm waiting half a minute and click the actual start button to start recording process.

4) I stop recording half a minute later (that's 30 seconds) and see what I got.

Yes, there's a new recording with a file name "23-Aug-2021 20h38m30s, 89.7 MHz, BC-FM.wav" in my folder of recorded audio files. So everything is OK. Wait, is it?
Remember, I started the actual recording at 20:39:00, so why the file name still says "20h38m30s"? That's clearly not right ... though that is the file name that was suggested in the recording window and I left it untouched. How could I predict what will be the exact moment of clicking "Start" in the "Record Active Receiver" window? However, I should enter that exact time value before that moment anyway in order to get correct files names. I find this whole logic of two-step-recording process peculiar and troublesome to use.

Conclusion: every time stamp in the file names of audio files created by SDR Console is actually wrong. It depends how quick you are clicking "start" button in the "Record Active Receiver" window... And if you edit the title, like I do, it takes some more seconds to define the title to the format I prefer most.

I strongly encourage for one-click recording option to be added for SDR Console (with predefinable automatic file naming convention, fully user configurable, like I already suggested some years ago). Once automated file naming is available (i.e. without any user action like this two-step recording procedure we have now), would it even be possible to have audio recording start/stop commands via CAT? I have a need for externally starting and stopping recording from my other software. There is also a strong need for cached audio recording.

Sidenote: SDR Console audio recording works correctly and well when I'm extracting audio files from IQ-recordings in a certain way. Idea is to find the right time for the recording to start and then click 'Pause' to stop playing audio first and only after that click the audio recording button on the ribbon bar. Releasing 'Pause' will cause the recording to start with the CORRECT time in the file name. Otherwise no good. Likewise when I want to stop recording, I first click pause before actual 'Stop' button.

Has anybodody else paid attention to the wrong time stamps in the file names?

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