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Simon Brown

Hi Bob,


This is a massive project and simply wouldn’t survive under open source. Open source can work very well with small projects but not with those like mine unless you have someone like Linus in charge and he does get paid.


I have made arrangements for the code to be uploaded for free when I fall off my perch, my weekly full backup of the disk where I keep all my source, references, libraries going back 11 years etc. is … 25GB compressed!


At least 1,500,000 lines of active code.


It’s big…


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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On Mon, Aug 23, 2021 at 06:56 AM, Siegfried Jackstien wrote:

if sdrc v3 would be open source (with you as maintainer) ... that would also be nice ... (but i know you will keep it a one man show ... "you are the boss")

Going open-source often means losing control, although that hasn't been the case for the Linux kernel. SDR# is a good example. It was open source, then the developers un-open-sourced it (to use rather inelegant English). SDR# did have its decoding software licensed only under a read-only license. From what I could glean, competitors were taking the source code, forking it, and issuing competing products. I'd hate to see someone making a profit off Simon's code.

When a project is open and collaborative to begin with, open source can work better. For a person to give up not just the intellectual property (and months/years of work) and lose control is a difficult proposition for once the code is out there, the die has been cast.

The best part of SDR Console is that it is a single coder with a single vision. From Simon's posts in this thread, it looks like we're soon to get some sort of live webcam view of people playing golf. Ha! :-)

Bob, W4RLS

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