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This is at least the second time Simon has lamented er ah stated he is a veghead. He doesn't often whine er brag about it. It is good to hear Simon has joined "People With Good Sense" and eschews alcoholic beverages. We grow enough alcohol in your guts. And alcohol tends to make men go ape. And I've never seen going ape as applying evolution in the correct direction.

That said, if I had to go veggie or die I strongly suspect I'd select die as that would be one straw too many.

Incidentally, Simon, you might look up "NAD Supplement". It's amazing stuff.


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I don't want to start a war but the way I see it, I too am veggie despite eating lots of cow and sheep (lamb or mutton), after all they have consumed lots of veg themselves and that'll do me. However you can't really consume them on their own and I have loads of veg with them. I love a good selection of roasted veg on their own. Roasting really concentrates the flavour. Carrots, swede, onion, parsnip, beetroot, etc. The humble mangold wurzel is a bit thin on the ground up here in t' north.


When I first moved to Kent, driving in to Margate past acres of very wet cabbage, the smell would have you running to the nearest kebab or burger shop to inhale burning meat! If I put my mind to it I could probably eat less meat but...lentils and tofu are a step too far! My wife has left me with a cooker I don't know to operate and a kitchen full of pots, pans and crockery plus a fridge, freezer and pantry full of food and I'm not sure what is available to me(that my care team can help me cook in 15 mins!) I'm slowly working my way through the dozen tins of beans we had...


My 5 a day consists of an orange, a banana and three pints of cider...


So, its taken both Simons many months to admit to being veggies. It's a good job their not vegan or they'd be banging on about it with every post... 😊Forgive me guys, I've not taken my dinnertime meds yet.


Oh look, I'm off topic again. The main reason for re-joining this thread is below:


I am a member of the Medium Wave Circle ( )  and there was a similar problem with downloading the club mag from a OneDrive share IF the user had an active OneDrive account themselves. The way round it was to copy a link into a fresh browser tab  and has which would then resolve correctly and allow a download. I was wondering if anyone had experienced a similar problem and has a solution. I have shared part of my own OneDrive before without issue.




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Hi Simon


I am a veggie, have been for 38 yrs.


All the more reason to move to Cornwall i think!!


Simon g0zen





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