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Simon Brown

Easy (I think),


The SDRUno 1.41 beta is not compatible with SDR Console. I’ll maybe install it tomorrow and see what needs doing, not I think I read somewhere that the 1.41 beta may change in the future.


Anyway, all I can suggest is restoring SDRUno 1.40.


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Sent: 14 August 2021 15:17
Subject: [SDR-Radio] RSPdx with SDRPlay 1.41 beta code #sdrplay #sdruno


Hi All,

I have been running my RSPdx with SDR Console 3.1 with no problem, after installing SDRUno 1.40, API 3.07,  and creating the definition by searching SDRPlay V3.   

Now when I install SDRUno 1.41 beta, with its new API 3.08, the instruction is to use V2 for now as the new code, I assume API 3.08, is not compatible with SDR Console V3 yet.   However, when I search to create a new definition using SDRPlay V2, my RSPdx is detected, but it comes up as an SDRDuo and the controls in SDR Console are wrong.   If I search using V3, the RSPdx is detected, but the radio will not start.

I reinstalled SDRUno 1.40 and everything works as it did again with the V3 definition, but I find that a search using V2 also results in an SDRDuo definition, so this is not directly related to the SDRUno 1.41 beta.  

I have reinstalled SDR Console, but the problem still occurs.   The info in the definition screen (attached) implies that the dll being used is for 2.13 which does not support RSPdx?    Do I have the wrong dll somehow?   Any other ideas or things to check?   


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