Re: Elad S2 2-Meter Reception

Mag loop Simon

Hi George

Good luck with that..

If you have not already done this try below..

Car battery, no sdr but “ normal radio 2m ssb radio” ( normally easier to hear the noise on am/ssb than fm)
Turn off power to your house..does the noise go?? HOPEFULLY yes..( best to do this while Wife in the middle of watching tv for best effect. Guess how i know!)
If noise goes..unplug everything but power to house on..then one by one start switching things on intill you find offending item..INCLUDE all lighting!

Or if Simon is correct you could just first try router or pc..( if your lucky.) was the fridge/ freezer..then the kids electric scooter charger then the dishwasher and washing machine ( even when off by the switch.. ok unplugged.) oh and a tv..

If not on your property then you have an issue..getting your neighbours to power down their houses is an ask, and then telling them to replace their offending equipment is a bigger ask..( leading to being asked to @£;8 off.)

If its not your property it could be mains which case you can do things... if rf bourne then moving antenna may help..or a directional antenna..( pointing in clear direction.)

I have much experience of this..( i run 3 phaser boxes, 6 loop antennas, massive mains filtering, common mode chokes in coax etc..)

But remember your first job is to check your place! ( and hope its from there)

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