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Tom Crosbie G6PZZ

Thank you for those kind words Simon. Jean's cancer finally won the battle, just a couple of weeks short of our 44th wedding anniversary and 49 years to the day we met. I thought it was 50 but my daughter pointed out that it would have made her 14 years old! My kids are now both over 40 and far from the vultures I might have hinted at. I simply remind them they own exactly I cupboard , I toilet and half a shed each and they can fight over her David Cassidy album and the contents of the kitchen junk drawer! We are all adjusting to the new situation and the kids want to make sure I can keep living here and are falling over themselves to make sure I am comfortable and have every mod-con, including a rotatable cardioid loop. That might now be next year though as my son's squadron goes on a deployment in a few weeks and I wont see him until next year. At least this time he'll be a bit closer (and warmer) than the Falklands!


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Hi Tom

Didn’t know you had a recent loss.

Sorry to hear that..really am.. seen too many friends and family go this last year..

At times like this it is good to have a passion/ stupid time consuming hobby..

Also you find out who ones real friends are..

Let them wait ( kids.) not theirs until you decide..had same when my Dad went.. other half ( was re married and her kids) waiting like vultures....anyway house will be worth more when you decide..tell them that..

Chin up.. Simon g0zen

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