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I'm wondering why they keep making the sign of the cross on themselves all the time.

(Um, s/sain/sane/ ?)


On 20210810 04:53:19, Siegfried Jackstien wrote:

Two sain simons... Now guess what happens when they meet for a beer in ferryboat inn...
Muahaha :-) 

Am 10.08.2021 13:15 schrieb Simon Brown <simon@...>:


Stay away. Stay far, far away. We have enough nutters down here already,
I've added to the ranks and no more are needed.

Simon Brown, G4ELI

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Just to let you know. I am the only sain person in this world..( he says
while taking 2 weeks holiday to lay new laminate flooring, remove 100 yrs of
various paint from original pine doors and frames, ( so can be varnished)
paint the outside of house,etc  while building the new gk71 based 1kw amp..)
Cornwall here we come..

Simon g0zen

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