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Conrad, PA5Y

There is a fishing line called Power Pro by Shimano. The 0.76mm stuff has a breaking strain of 95kg and does not stretch. It weighs next to nothing, comes in moss green and is very stealthy. Don't leave it lying around because it will cut you in 2.

It is made of dyneema, and while not cheap it is cheaper than what typical ham outlets will charge you.


Conrad PA5Y

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Fishing line is very light.

Simon Brown, G4ELI

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> Question: has anyone used a drone to erect a long wire in trees perhaps > using a ball of string for starters?


Hamish, GM4SFW knows a pilot who has a simple way of doing this.
Several antennas were placed in high trees.
If I remember correctly the reel of fishing line was mounted on the quadcopter.
This was mentioned in WSPR "chat" so no record.
I note several videos on youtube, maybe worth a look.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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