Re: Teaser Now Way off topic

Allan Isaacs

OK Tom... fortunately my kids are all well established and won't be
demanding house room (and the XYL is G3SGL so can't really complain can
she!) and thanks Tracey for reminding me of Youtube. Just the job. My son in
law has a pocket-sized drone so light string and a small weight over two of
our trees and judicious pulling the wire aerial should do the trick.
When the long wire fell down I didn't bother putting it back up because of
bad RF interference.

I'm now thinking of getting a TinySA to detect and analyse interference
My suspicion is my neighbour has an unused smart meter which is messing up
When his house supply tripped off the MF and HF bands suddenly cleaned up,
but my portable radio isn't good enough to figure out exactly what's going
Has anyone had any success using one for this purpose I wonder?
Allan G3PIY

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