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Tom Crosbie G6PZZ

Apologies Allan, I forgot you were the Radio Museum!
I'm on my own now in a 5-bedroom modern house. The second floor is one large attic room, half guest bedroom, half shack. I no longer TX but I have 3 analogue radios and two SDRs.
One problem I have I is that since my wife passed away last month, technically half the house belongs to our two children who are constantly reminding me of that fact. Well, they can pay for half the maintenance
My current antenna feeders come into the house at the bedroom end of the top floor and there is plenty of excess. It will be a simple matter to push/pull the feeders out and pop them through a new hole into the living room two floors below.
Planning for the future if I find I can no longer climb the stairs.


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Not far off our current house Tom
2 actual bedrooms
4 more for radio collection plus conservatory (=2nd workshop + around 50 more radios) Double garage = main workshop + a few hundred more radios and shack The main difference is there's an 80m dipole and a long wire which has come adrift.
No cellar (which would have been for wine if we had one)

Question: has anyone used a drone to erect a long wire in trees perhaps using a ball of string for starters?
Allan G3PIY

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I make Allan's house as follows:
Cellar = Workshop
1 Bedroom for Mr and Mrs Issacs
I bedroom for guests
4 bedrooms for radio shacks split HF,VHF, DATA, SWL


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