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That's where 12' came from. The room is 13' wide on the North end. ('bout 10 meters long and unnecessarily full of computer and sound junk, At one time the Universal Studios Waterworld stunt show audio was setup in there with sets of speakers laid out about the right places. Don't ask. It's frustrating.)


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Get a beamer... Screen size is then your wall size :-) 
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I've been thinking of a 65" MiniLED screen. Of course, that presents Simon with a challenge. Make it all work with 10 bit RGB video.

An artifact of 1080 screens is that the ideal viewing distance is about the width of the screen. Closer than that the picture starts to pixelate. For most 1080 monitors this puts them rather close to you straining your eyes. It also means that a 2160 monitor should be half it's width away. With my LG monitor (beautiful beastie) that means the optimum viewing distance is all of 19". That is WAY too close. .With a 65" screen that distance grows to a touch less than 30" which is more comfortable and closer to what I find comfortable for other reasons. (55" ideal viewing is about 24". (Um, for a 12' wide projection screen the best viewing distance is about 6'. Gee, I get dangerous when I start thinking this way. Anybody know of a QHD projection screen or do I have to go look at outdoor signage?)


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The console works really well on our Hisense 55 inch 4K TV but that’s a bit over the top I guess John…

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I'm going to have to get a larger screen LOL

Keep up the great work Simon.


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