Re: Followup Question Please: Re: How To Install Station List, Please? For Bob S. or anyone Re: Simon's World Map v1.1

Barry Jablonski

Hi Bob,

It looks like you Imported the large Station List (SimonsWorldMap-Stations_AOKI_EIBI_HFCC_Export_20210806_230628.xml). That list by default doesn't
have any of the Stations selected. Go back into the Station List and click the Show box next to the Stations you want to see on the Map. Also, with the large
database -- the Menu Icons on the top of the map get compressed and look as they do in your picture. To get back to the Config page with the Import option see

Also, the import replaces the database, it doesn't append to the old one. Let me know if you want to go back to the original list.


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