Re: Easy Access Button Receive Mute Enable//Disable #qo100 #adalmpluto

Siegfried Jackstien

a hint ... while you are txing ... pull volume slider up (to hear the downlink for finetune) after next ptt release and prtess again it is back to 0 (or where you have set it)

some users do not mute completely but to maybe 20 or 30 % strength (that you slight can hear it but that it does not come back in mic audio)

i also do not set it to 0 (i have around 20%) ... so i can just barely hear myself ... but its enough to hear an offset in the tone height


another thing you could do is use tx monitor (set to 30% or whatever you prefer) and while sending a tune tone (500hz) you can hear BOTH tones (tx monitor and rx audio) ... then you can beatnote these two tones to be very precise (when you hear a slow "wah wah wah" you are spot on)

hope that helps you a bit ...

repeat .. .there is no need to add a "deactivate rx mute" button in tx box ... just pull up the volume slider in receive pane/box while txing to hear your own transmission and on next over it will be back down to 0

greetz sigi dg9bfc

Am 03.08.2021 um 12:01 schrieb pseudonoise@...:

Hi Simon,

As we discussed on QO-100 last night can I suggest an easy access button (perhpas in the TX pane) where you can rapidly enable/disable the Rx mute ?

My pluto sdr has a TCXO and there is often a slight offset (100s Hz or less) which I tune out with the XIT whilst I monitort my transmissions on the duplex downlink.

I freqeuntly use this capabilty but it takes a few mouse clicks - also the change is not dynamic it only changes sate when you toggle the PTT.

It's only a minor tweak but I think it would really useful for QO-100 use.

Thanks again for such software !

James G1PVZ

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