Re: SDRC and Pluto with external reference


Do both your Plutos have the same firmware or has one been installed with something different? Simon might be able to read the log better than I can. It MAY have enough information. About here:
12:14:23.365: Radio PlutoSDR> Autodetect
12:14:23.366: Radio PlutoSDR>   Version ....: 0.21 565bf68

It looks like he's getting information back from the Pluto. But something in the information leads the software to ignore the returns. Altered firmware could cause that. It appears that two "contexts" are found and neither one is valid. That might be an issue for the Pluto forums. The contexts contain a suspicious number of zeros. So something is wrong with that Pluto. Have you tried it on SDRAngel or one of the other tools out there for comparison?


On 20210728 03:11:21, Karen Tadevosyan, RA3APW via wrote:

I tried to pass the radio definition but no success.

Radio Definition -> Search "Pluto SDR " -> got answer "No PlutoSDR" radio were found".

This modified Pluto radio worked well with SDRС before modification.

My second non-modified Pluto radio works well now with the same SDRC.  
Attached files: SDRC log and Definition reply for modified radio. 

On Wed, Jul 28, 2021 at 12:39 PM, jdow wrote:

OK, are you going through the process to make a definition for the radio since you made the change or ever? [Хорошо, вы проходите через процесс определения радио с момента внесения изменений или когда-либо?]



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