Re: SDRC and Pluto with external reference


1) I presume there was a good reason to switch to 25 MHz. "It's what I have; and, I don't have 40 MHz," is a good reason. I'm just curious.
2) You probably must redefine the radio within SDRC. Erase the old and create the new.
3) Did you change the file "configuration.txt" so that where it has a number close to 40000000 it has a similar number close to 25000000. (If not do so and then redefine the radio within SDRC.)
4) I wonder if this is the first Pluto modified in this particular way that has been tried on an SDRC. All the modified Plutos that come to mind still have 40 MHz clocks.


On 20210727 07:09:05, Karen Tadevosyan, RA3APW via wrote:

Hello All,


my question is about using SDR Console (V3.0.27) and Adalm Pluto (Rev. D) with an external 25MHz reference.


Pluto configuration for external reference was done according to section “Alternative reference frequencies”.


The modification went well which was confirmed by software and hardware (Pluto’s buffer of the external reference signal (LTC6957) turned on and internal 40 MHz TCXO turned off; 25 MHz reference signal comes to the XTALN pin of AD9363)

After Pluto is connected to the computer the device is seen as a memory but when trying to “Start radio” it says that the device was not found.


It was tested on two computers and with different external reference frequencies - 25 and 40 MHz.


Maybe something needs to be changed in SDR Console settings with which Pluto worked fine before the modification?


73 de Karen, ra3apw


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