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All of the above. It is more sensitive, which allows for smaller than usual antennas. It has a higher number of bits per sample than most of the other front ends in its class. It has an exceptionally good dynamic range. It is functional in two useful frequency ranges one of which is around 10-20 kHz through 31 MHz. (Officially coverage begins at 500 kHz.) The other band is 60 MHz through 260 MHz. And it is plug and play with no fussing around with installing USB drivers.

The downside main is that it is best used with its internal AGC so that large signals outside the bandwidth allowed  by its sample rate do not cause problems. This front end AGC renders the S-Meter calibration more questionable than most. Another downside is no US 6 meters coverage. On large antennas some of its outstanding features are mooted by the HF reality, there is far more noise from external natural sources than almost any HF receiver you can find. So it's excellent noise figure remains but is totally swamped when using large antennas. The cheap little "YouLoop" is tailor made for it giving you enough antenna to work well without overwhelming the front end with natural noise sources. It also gives you some nulling capability for local unnatural noise sources. If you get one you may need to acquire an adapter for its SMA antenna connector.

Most people who get one fall in love with it.


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What, specifically, do you like better with the AirSpy HF+ Discovery compared to the SDRPlay units as you mention ?

Performance ?    How ?
"Better" chip ?
etc. ?

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