Re: RF Gain & NR w/ RSPDuo


With AGC the threshold control nicely approximates an effective RF gain control that raises the signal level at which the AGC becomes effective. However, do remember you can note some values that seem to work in notepad and make more changes to them all. A little experimentation can let you know what the controls do. The notepad reference is a way to get back to settings you like.

That's probably the best way to learn all the features. Some will be "Oh, I see what it does. Why do I want that?" Some will be (showing my age) "Nifty". And some will need some use to see what they do for you. (That's how I learn commercial or military surplus equipment. It even led me, as a teenager, to dig into the "crystal notch filter" within the NC-109 I had.)

Listen to the CW ops here. I have enough dyslexia learning the code just doesn't work for me. I did get to 35 WPM without ever really learning the code by sounds. I just followed a mental decoding tree in my head aided by context. It was a heavy duty strain. For me CW is not fun. And that table is long gone, now.


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Replying to jdow,

My bad, I didn't catch turning AGC off, you did mention it the first time. Thanks for the clarification.

I'm  more of a CW listener than operator. Trying to get SDRC with my SDRPlay approximate my FTDX3000 on receive, which is a tall order. Want to use the SDR as a second receiver. The transceiver and the SDR are very different receive in usage.


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