Re: RF Gain & NR w/ RSPDuo


Turn AGC off to get the slider I meant. There are some CW ops who hate AGC and run MGC all the time. So I suggested it. If you like the threshold control operation you might benefit from a long hang time on the AGC. On my R-390A I put in a hang agc that as a by product raised gain maybe 10-20dB fairly rapidly, hung there for a second or so, and then fairly quickly raised gain to max I had set with its "threshold control", the old MGC control modified somewhat. I grew to really like that action. Weak signals trying to break in got a tiny boost and my ears got a rest for a second before the noise came up. Experimenting with that is on my RF bucket list.


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You have the same solution as oldjackbob above. The only difference is there is NO gain slider in my installation. I think you meant the Threshold slider instead. See the photo in messageĀ #63478 above.


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