Re: 2 channel high dynamic range SDR for bandscope use?


Is that new SDR front end going to be 6 GHz wide? How does it download the data to the computer? Or is it N smaller user definable bands?


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Re: prime movers: I use the FDM DUO, am very happy. I drive the Q5 with 0dBm. Am maybe, just maybe thinking about a TS-890s but am not quite that crazy or wealthy.


There will be a new SDR receiver this year (*) offering (low) to 6GHz which will be a very fine performer so you could use this on its own, it will be affordable. Otherwise the Airspy HF+/Discovery is very good due to the high dynamic range which you obviously need due to your loud neighbours.


Which bands do you want to monitor?


{*} I am not saying who is developing this new SDR.


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Subject: [SDR-Radio] 2 channel high dynamic range SDR for bandscope use?


Hello all.


Currently I have a number of transverters split at the 28MHz IF that I use with a K3S, TS890S and a Perseus.  I am very happy with this arrangement but I would like to monitor 2 more bands simultaneously. What would be the most economical way of achieving this while maintaining the same performance that I have with the Perseus. I did try a Flex 6600 but found it lacking in a number of areas. The Perseus is still a good receiver. Maybe it is better to use 2 single channel units. I have a dual Afedri AFE822x but that is not quite good enough. What is currently available that works really well? It would be even better if I could lock it to 10MHz.


Any suggestions?




Conrad PA5Y



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