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Air Conditioning units help. Home air conditioning helps.

For people
With the low humidity that still exists a bit in this area shade and breeze is a major help. Alas, the humidity is high these days floating around 40% instead of being under 20%. So a breeze is not as helpful.

For computers
Window air conditioner running "a lot". It cools down here appreciably. (30F temperature changes are not uncommon day to night. Those people in big cities near water (Chicago, Detroit, etc seem to think rioting makes it cooler.) So I don't have to run the room AC continuously if I want to run the computers continuously. You might. With higher humidity the AC should be a refrigeration unit. The humidity helps it cool. Out here and up in the upper desert a little north of here swamp coolers are the thing. But we're running out of water due to decades of stupidity about it and our "EPA" regulations. So staying cool may be problematic here, too. (Here being the South end of the El Cajon pass.)

{O.O}    (We offset AC and computer power costs somewhat with a large solar array, power being another problem here decades in the making.)

On 20210713 07:57:11, Simon Brown wrote:



Getting quite hot here – had to increase the speed of the fans on the main development PC, don’t like the CPU going over 40C when running at 100% CPU.


What do you do in the western USA / Vancouver when it’s so hot?


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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