Re: SNR meter, bandwidth and gain adjustment for transverters


The description seemed unclear to me. I "think" it is a tool for pulsars. It more or less shows a spectrum plot with the spectra taken at specific time intervals relative to the pulsar rate and lined up in a waterfall. Does that sound right? That sounds VERY useful. I learned something. Thanks.

(And I played with the trig. At least for AM summing the spectral elements power does give back the known power that went into generating the waveform. I have to do one more expansion to settle my mind. I still think I^2+Q^2 on the IF filter output is the simple method in most SDRs.)


On 20210705 22:24:48, Simon Brown wrote:

Continuum mode is similar to what's being request here I think, it's used in
radio astronomy and supported in SpectraVue.

It really is a real thing.

Simon Brown, G4ELI 

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WTFF is "Continuum mode". You are losing your audience by inventing terms
that make no sense. Do you mean time domain where everything flows along in
a sampled stream? If so then time domain makes more sense to the engineers
designing things. It's instantly understandable. {+_+} 

I thought perhaps he was referring to omnipotent signals.


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