Re: SNR meter, bandwidth and gain adjustment for transverters


Iaru does not say anything about a spectrum when speaking of the peaks. It is speaking time domain only. You should know that.


On 20210706 02:37:47, oldjackbob@... wrote:

Please don't be duped into falling for any "total power" or "summed power" or "average power" trickery. The IARU spec is clear: it's peak (and ONLY PEAK) power that is to be measured. Any such nebulous terms as "total" or "average" or "summed" are not mentioned, let alone defined, in the spec.

IMO there's no need for you to revisit your S-meter algorithm at all. It has been behaving concisely, predictably and exactly per the spec for years. It readout has always matched the scale on the panascope edges (you wouldn't believe the tortured logic I've seen posted as to why other meters don't match the panascope scale, lol).

As you have stated before, if someone wants something other than peak power reported, they want something other than an S-meter.

Thanks for all you do, and I truly am done posting in this thread.


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