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I'd need to see math that proves this is the way to handle coherent sidebands as opposed to summing a large number of complex numbers in pairs of matching sidebands. Are you doing something such that no filtered I and Q value is ever present before the demodulator? That is where it's automatic you get the right value.


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Frequency, so using the FFT output. The FFT output is in dBm (log10), so has to be converted back from dB using pow(), averaged and then converted back to dB using log10. This is trivial, doesn’t use much CPU at all.


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Averaging across frequency or time? Across frequency summation is perhaps closer, particularly if you presume it's all noise and simply add power per bin. But with coherent sidebands on a signal you can get surprised simply adding power I suspect. Alas, I do not KNOW that. I figure it's easier to do the I^2 + Q^2 operation on the IF before the demodulator. With that signal and something a bit like your noise averaging the signal strength reading and noise reading could actually help you know if there is enough signal to expect your demodulator to provide something understandable, especially for digital modulation schemes. (I'd take your minimum 10% data, sum the powers (I^2+Q^2) in each bin, divide by number of bins, and multiply back by number of bins in the filter bandwidth to get the noise power estimate. That last could probably be reduced to something close to a constant multiply operation.) This makes WGN environments quite predictable. Other environments suffer in comparison. So if the calculation above gives too low an SNR, or value converted to Eb/N0 is too low, then you know a digital mode is not even worth trying. Of it is high enough you know you have a sporting chance.


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FM power is always constant, this *could* be an area for an averaging signal meter.


I’m slowly losing the will to live 😊 .


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I probably misspoke at some point if/when I said BCFM carrier is always the greatest power anywhee in teh passband, so I retract any such statement.

However, that statement does hold true for BCAM, so I've captured a video of SDRC's S-meter reporting on a BCAM station:

Several key observations:

1) The carrier is very steady.
2) The modulation varies greatly.
3) the passband is intentionally varied between 2.5k and 12k.
4) The S-meter never varies at all (at least not more than .1dB in any direction).
5) The S-meter is reporting ONLY the peak signal detected anywhere in the passband, nothing more and nothing less.

So tell me where Simon gets it wrong.

Nevermind, that's a loaded question...Simon gets it right.

I'm done here,


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