Re: SNR meter, bandwidth and gain adjustment for transverters

Mark Cayton


I probably misspoke at some point if/when I said BCFM carrier is always the greatest power anywhere in the passband, so I retract any such statement.

However, that statement does hold true for BCAM, so I've captured a video of SDRC's S-meter reporting on a BCAM station:

Several key observations:

1) The carrier is very steady.
2) The modulation varies greatly.
3) The passband is intentionally varied between 2.5k and 12k.
4) The S-meter never varies at all (at least not more than .1dB in any direction).
5) The S-meter is reporting ONLY the peak signal detected anywhere in the passband, nothing more and nothing less.

So tell me where Simon gets it wrong.

Nevermind, that's a loaded question...Simon gets it right.

I'm done here,

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