Re: 10 kHz-150 kHz Band Sweep from EN70 Indiana


Hi Gedas,

Can you post a recording direct from SDRC, please?  It would be nice to be able to dive into the waterfall and look at some of the weak signals close up, although it was easy enough to pick out all the US Navy stations (and some French Navy as well).  A five minute duration is ample, and it keeps the filesize down to about 200MB.

I've added another recording I've just made - the solar panels are gone, the storms aren't too bad, and the LORAN transmitter is back on, but well below its normal power output, so it's all reasonably clear.  DDH47 on 147.3kHz is worth a look, as you can decode it with FLDigi (settings:  RTTY - Custom - 85Shift, 50baud, 5-0-1.5, Auto, 72char.  Use CW or LSB, filter centred on signal.)  I haven't checked it myself to see whether it was actually sending anything worth decoding, but I could always do a much longer recording if you want to try it out (German weather forecasts can make rivetting reading ;) ).


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