Re: 3D waterfall

Conrad, PA5Y

Tha’ what? Nowt up wit Yorkshire accent, it wor designed t keeyup sutheners guessin.


Ok looks worse when you write it down.




Conrad PA5Y(orkshire)


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Yorkshire, Yorky(?), accent gets me. "What did he say?"

And indeed heavy use of ALC is REALLY REALLY REALLY bad. The needle should quiver perhaps once every ten to thirty seconds if at all.


On 20210705 03:29:37, Simon Brown wrote:

Thinking… could be driving an amp with ALC (bets to not use ALC, just reduce drive).


Next time please make a note etc. Now listening to 75m early bird nets. Struggling with some of the southern accents!


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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I just wish operators of FTDX10's could learn how NOT to QRM the band!
I have found ONLY ONE user of the FTDX10 that did NOT have a lousy signal...

Exhibit A:

The IC-7300's always have a nice 3kHz signal.

Just my humble observations.

73 Kriss KA1GJU


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