Re: SNR meter, bandwidth and gain adjustment for transverters

Bob Dengler

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On Mon, Jul 5, 2021 at 09:26 AM, Bob Dengler wrote:
I strongly disagree. How else is one supposed to make total channel power measurements for radiometry? SDRs aren't just for communications, & any developer that codes their SDR apps otherwise is hamstringing their full potential. Right now the only apps I know of that can do this are HDSDR & SDRuno. HDSDR is compatible with all my SDRs so that covers my needs, but it would be nice if SDRC could display & record average channel power readings as well as HDSDR is fairly useless for NBFM monitoring (no de-emphasis).

I'll have to go through the forum archives to see if this has been requested, & do so if not.

Bob NO6B

Please define "average power". I've also seen the term "integrated power" bandied about in the Flex forums. There is no established definition for either term.
We can choose to split hairs on average vs. sample vs. RMS. I think for purposes of amateur radiometry, any of the above will do. If I'm wrong someone please chime in.

The function of an S-meter is not to report the "total power" or "average power" or "integrated power" in the passband, it is to report the highest voltage measured anywhere in the passband, irrespective of any nebulous "total power" contained within the filter. That's what Simon's S-meter does.
OK, fair enough.

An S-meter, as described above, is useless to me. I would like to see the option of switching the S-meter function in SDRC to an average channel power meter.



Bob NO6B

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