Re: SNR meter, bandwidth and gain adjustment for transverters

Bob Dengler

At 7/5/2021 07:43 AM, you wrote:
Per the info on Simon's page explaining the operation of the S-meter, "[The signal level] is the peak spectrum FFT bin (output value) which is within the current filter."That page is found here:Â <> explains it clearly. There is no correlation of peak FFT bin value to filter bandwidth (or AGC level, or any other consideration), nor should there be. Any modern SDR-based S-meter that changes its reading based on filter bandwidth is doing it wrong.I've said it before: Simon got it right, many others are getting it wrong.Mark
I strongly disagree. How else is one supposed to make total channel power measurements for radiometry? SDRs aren't just for communications, & any developer that codes their SDR apps otherwise is hamstringing their full potential. Right now the only apps I know of that can do this are HDSDR & SDRuno. HDSDR is compatible with all my SDRs so that covers my needs, but it would be nice if SDRC could display & record average channel power readings as well as HDSDR is fairly useless for NBFM monitoring (no de-emphasis).

I'll have to go through the forum archives to see if this has been requested, & do so if not.

Bob NO6B

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