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Ah, nope - if you have all USB2 devices on the bus a USB3 port is not a solution except MAYBE in very marginal cases. If the ELAD is USB 3 (blue tongues) then it may make a major difference. (White tongues are USB 2. Wikipedia has at least one article that delineates what the tongue colors mean.)

If the ELAD itself works on USB2 with all the usual "stuff" on USB 2 then a laptop with some USB3 and some USB2 sockets should work a treat.


On 20210703 18:45:53, James Niven wrote:

Hi Nick,


Thanks for this information, I actually forgot how to get to the “write-caching” properties to make sure nothing had changed, thanks for that.

I did set this way back when I brought the external hard drive, I just checked the settings and yep, still good.


It’s funny, I use the same external hard drive on my overnight recordings from Jaguar Pro and have no issues with the recordings.

It only seems to be with SDR Console when recording FM frequencies and store for later playing that I find the stuttering.

It seems to be what Max and Joanne suggest, the usb 2 port, should be usb 3 for better transmission of data.




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Is this the age-old "write-caching" problem, James?  It snags me every year or two.

Bring up Properties for your drive in (right-click on it in Explorer), Hardware tab, highlight the drive, Properites again,  "Change Settings", Policies.

In Removal Policy, choose "Better Performance", and enable Write Caching.

I hope I'm not stating the obvious, hi.  (just because it's never obvious to me..)

best wishes,


At 21:17 2021-07-03, James Niven wrote:

Hi Group,
I am trying to work out why my recordings are stuttering on playback when accessing them from an external hard drive.

There seems to be no issue from what I can see when playing them back when I record to c: drive.

So, it appears to be an external drive issue maybe or a setting. I have SDR console version 3.0.28, I am recording the FM band at 6.144mhz bandwidth with my elad s2.

Any tips on what I should look for? I have had this before, but I was never able to fix the issue.



James Niven

Austin, Texas

Nick Hall-Patch
Victoria, BC

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