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On USB2 I have found that it is rare to be able to write faster than 10 MB/S. On top of that you are trying to read another 20 or more MB/S reading from your source. It isn't going to work. It will be close; but, it will not win the cigar.


On 20210703 16:06:52, James Niven wrote:

Thanks for the quick reply jdow, it appears I have usb2 ports, so after reading what Max and yourself mention, this may well be my issue.

So, I guess for now, I have to save to my c drive.

Thanks again!!


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Drive not fast enough is a real possibility for an external drive, especially if it is USB2. Even if it is on the same USB3 bus as the elad S2 there still can be problems if either device is USB2 because the bus slows down to operate with USB2 transfers. If you can record OK to the internal drive then it almost certainly is the external drive causing problems for one reason or another.


On 20210703 14:17:47, James Niven wrote:

Hi Group,


I am trying to work out why my recordings are stuttering on playback when accessing them from an external hard drive.

There seems to be no issue from what I can see when playing them back when I record to c: drive.


So, it appears to be an external drive issue maybe or a setting. I have SDR console version 3.0.28, I am recording the FM band at 6.144mhz bandwidth with my elad s2.

Any tips on what I should look for? I have had this before, but I was never able to fix the issue.




James Niven

Austin, Texas



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