Re: SNR meter, bandwidth and gain adjustment for transverters


On Sat, Jul 3, 2021 at 09:01 AM, Conrad, PA5Y wrote:
Finally, as a feature request would it be possible to have some manual gain adjustment to compensate for transverters and LNAs?
Hi Conrad

I am no expert..... in fact very far from it, but have you seen the Visual Gain setting? It's available on all the rigs I use with SDRC (HL2, RSP2Pro, RTL-SDR V3). Not sure if Simon has implemented it for every radio that can be used with SDRC as it's in different place depending on the radio? Here it is for HL2 and RSP2Pro:


Can calibrate for zero signal (i.e.antenna disconnected). Is the feature you are alluding to?



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