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When you program with Direct3D 12 it’s quite different – very, very efficient but you’re down inside the innards of DirectX. I’m sure this can be done, I just haven’t determined to very best solution.


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Placing a legend on a 3D grid was a problem I had some years ago on a work project. The 2D solution projected to 3D was the one I used and it was not as nasty as I thought.


In that instance I was just interested in numbers so I created 1-9 in line graphics looking like an old 7 segment display to limit the overhead. I used an existing 3D library I had already written that projected 2D lines (x1,y1,x2,y2) into 3D (x1,y1,z1,x2,y2,z2) space. This application was to display two orthogonal antenna radiation patterns as a 3D picture, ie it was not a solid just two planes. The user could spin the diagram round in x,y and z with slider controls/mouse. Any of the available libraries seemed massive overkill so I wrote one that did what I wanted and no more. It was done in and the 3D bit was relatively small at about 500 lines of code. The beauty of doing the legend this way was that used the same classes as the plot itself. This situation is rather different but I would not dismiss the maths as too awful. I met the dreaded “gimbal lock” problem in the rotation controls but I could avoid it by limiting the available spin and having a user return to zero button. Also I had the luxury of being able to plot always in 2D and then let the user spin it around.


I have attached a not very good picture of the axis render to give an idea what it looked like.


Interestingly I have a similar feeling about the 3D waterfall as I had about the 3D radiation patterns, quite pretty, but how much does it add? In my case our marketing department wanted a killer USP so it had to be done...


Mike Christieson


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