Re: Severe storms at KA1GJU Superstations!


On Wed, Jun 30, 2021 at 11:30 PM, Michael.2E0IHW wrote:
Also:  unplugging the psu will disconnect  the fibre link to the ISP.
Will there be delay and/or reduced download data rate as the ISP
resyncs on reconnection?

Michael UK

Hi Michael

As far as I know the whole "re-syncing" thing (I think you are referring to DLM or Dynamic Line Management as it's known here in the UK) only ever related to copper circuits and particularly those supplied by BT. Not all ISPs used it (TalkTalk for example I believe did not - I had a TalkTalk ADSL line at one point via Andrews and Arnold) and I never saw this behaviour.

Anyway, I digress. It only applies to ADSL (and VDSL - fibre to cabinet). No such equivalent exists or indeed is needed on a full fibre line. It will either work at full rate or zero i.e. usually a break in the fibre, as we did have once due to fallen tree on the lines. I have full fibre and it's either on (160 MB/s for me) or it's off. Regarding cables, certainly if you do request to retain your "normal" phone line, they install a fibre cable that also contains a copper circuit. I'm not 100% sure if mine does or not because we never requested to keep the copper (we use VOIP). I don't think it does because I think the "dual" cable is figure 8 with copper running down the side and ours is not. Although BT Open Reach who came to connect the service did not take away the old copper lines despite me asking them to....... "not our job.... different department"....... typical!



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