Re: SABR Micro, DAB+, 3D


While dealing with AAC licensing would be tedious, having it as a plug-in also means that you don't have to worry about licensing DAB/DAB+ to users for whom it's useless, like those who in the United States of America and Canada.

From my perspective, having the converse (decoding IBOC) would be great to have in SDR Console. But that too is protected by patents and licensing, and you'd either have to work from WAV files or take a working vacation to North America. When I want to listen to HD-Radio (the not-accurate, but marketing name), I just use the NRSC5 software. I would guess it too violates the patents and licensing, but it's user base is most likely so small that it goes under-the-radar.

Or you could have a technically legal, but slimy solution like Audacity does for MP3 and AAC. They link to plug-ins that are on a server that's located in Brazil, which doesn't honor patent law.

Nonetheless, that's a cool long periodic antenna!

Bob, W4RLS

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