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Hm, of note the hot and cold noise source CAN become a problem during measurement. You must know both actual temperatures at the time of measurement. The assumed "290K" does not necessarily work. The old HP 340B had a noise head featuring a (gasp) actual 6AL5, empty state electronics, noise diode. It's filament power heated up the reference resistor above room temperature. So the meter COULD read out a negative noise figure. Boy howdy that weirded me out when it happened.


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Relative values will be perfect, or at least as perfect as the ADC / tuner chip in the SDR. No doubt there’s a professional methodology which could be used, I’m not aware of this so wait to be informed.


Obviously there’s Windowing applied and with the Spectrum the optional smoothing.


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I have been asked the question, "How accurate are the SDR-Console dBm spectrograph and dBm meter readings?"  Can anyone answer that question? We are interested in measuring the noise floor of various SDR receivers.
Larry, K4LED

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