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When H2O gets low as on 1 liter a day I get muscle cramps in my legs and feet. I also get disoriented when I get that low. I also have a blood pressure medicine. The combination of too little H2O and that medicine drops my BP into sub 100 territory and my body goes into panic mode with explosive voiding. 2 liters per day and when it's as hot as it is today I go for a little more. The heat dries me out. And if I perspire a lot a dose of banana or raisins helps restore potassium levels.

Everybody's different; but, 1 liter a day raises nasty problems in almost anybody in hot weather.


On 20210616 05:56:50, Simon Brown wrote:
I was often drinking less than 1 litre a day!

Simon Brown, G4ELI 

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It’s under control – after the first tablet and 1 litre of juice much 
better, now after 4 tablets almost totally gone. Two more days and 
it’s over. My diet is very good, the problem was caused by a lack of 
fluids and some warm weather.

The NHS system here worked very well indeed, the GP was excellent.

Simon Brown, G4ELI <>
I have the figure of 2 litres/day in mind.  Did you have less than that, or do you now recommend more?

I would be bankrupt if I had to pay for the treatments and medicines I have!  BTW: my Consultant is on Twitter and and id great to follow => @charlie_lees.

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