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Rich NE1EE

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Way back around 1971 I was part of the 3 month study team for specifying and costing the Ptarmigan System.
<snip> I didn't notice if the expert was wearing rose tinted spectacles...
Allan G3PIY
As you can imagine, I have a large store of such stories that I will do my best to refrain from sharing. ;-) I believe that significant contributions to my company's success were a) learning from others' mistakes, so that I didn't repeat them, and b) learning from others' successes, so that I didn't reinvent the wheel. That freed up a lot of time to really enjoy turning out some very rewarding projects.
It is nice when the requirements are not changing weekly due to marketing influences. The projects that had little of that always seemed to turn out far better than the opposite.

Ham (and lab) projects seem to show a lot of "hey, how about adding this feature" cruft hanging all over them. Some survive this better than others.
Yes...this goes along, I think, with the suggestion I tried to make...that developers take time to do the work well. Unfortunately, they are not educated in the area of software engineering, and simply take off in a burst of creativity. I have spoken with some of the major players, and I got "I don't have time to update the user manual because I am adding the new feature that everyone wants." But that often means that the new users have a great struggle to learn how to use a product that is increasingly complex, and, as was pointed out in a related forum, users don't know what "working correctly" or "produces correct results" means, because there are no posted requirements, no designs, no theory, no math...OTOH, I do so understand the tedium of producing all that, especially for those without proper foundation. One dev suggested to me that I take the time to learn his product, in the absence of any docs or guidance from him, and produce docs for others. I don't mind the volunteer time, but the learning curve was so steep that I simply stopped using his product, as nice as it is. (Why didn't he take the time to document his work? He /already/ knew all the answers. Why wouldn't he take the time to work with me, and save me the wasted hours "discovering" how his product worked? ...because he was too busy fixing mistakes he should not have made, and adding new features that were "demanded" by users) I wish that this message would be taken to heart by developers. Unfortunately, we have become accustomed to collectively spending hundreds of individual hours learning to use these great's just the way it is...and I see that as so many wasted hours of peoples lives. I think that I have said enough...there is a place for this discussion, and I am not sure that it is here, as important as I think it is.

72/73 de Rich NE1EE
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