Re: Terminology Question


Um, maybe 10 meters would have NFM. Below that atmospheric conditions may make it an unpleasant mode to use. There was a group of us who talked somewhat technical and some other "stuff" built around Art "W6OBB" Bell late night after his show. (He refused to discuss his show - or I'd have been gone. {^_-}) Art had some good and some harebrained notions about antennas. It was entertaining. This happened on 3840 kHz late night West coast. Anyway one night we switched from LSB to AM then NFM to see how they performed relatively. NFM performance was quite miserable due to multipath effects. So I'd be surprised if NFM was used on HF much by hams except perhaps on 10 meters where there are a few (seldom used?) repeaters.


On 20210610 23:33:05, Zacharias Liangas via wrote:
NFM is not unusual in shortwaves.irs mostly used by hams in amateur bands

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