Re: SDR-console 3.0.26 & 3.0.27 : cracks in audio


Try 2.4 Msps. Or something like 2.0 Msps. The dongle might be problematic up around the top sample rate they can deliver withuot dropped packets, 2.4 Msps. I've not seen a dongle yet fail at 2.4 Msps. I've seen it drop packets at even 2.5 Msps. 2.25 Msps may drop into a sample rate hole that causes frequent dropouts.

What are you doing when you thinkĀ  you are reducing the dongle's bandwidth. I suspect you are confusing yourself about what you are doing.

(Listens to audio) Yes, you are using a sample rate your dongle cannot deliver through your USB connections. It may be other loads on the USB bus. It may be a sample rate that the dongle cannot properly process. It "should" handle 2.4 Msps. I've not seen 2.048 Msps fail. Use the highest rate that works for you.


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Excuse me if this topic has already been covered.

I have an issue on 2 different W10 computers :
- SDRC 3.0.27 with RTL dongle around 100MHz WFM, any bandwith
- SDRC 3.0.26 & 3.0.27 with FCD pro dongle, 143MHz, USB, 192kHz bandwith :

I have cracks in the audio, see attached. Note that on the FCD, reducing the sampling to the minimum solves the problem, doing a bandwith reduction on the RTL dongle did not change anything.

- Regression to 3.0.24 solved the issue.

Best regards; 73's de J-Luc F1JEK

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