Re: SDR Console to PlutoSDR, no TX on one PC, fine on another??

Chris Wilson

Hi again Joanne.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Thanks for the reply which I am slowly assimilating :)

I am left wondering if on a contact by contact level at the ethernet cable plug to the PC socket, a "bad connection" on one or more wires would allow the Pluto to receive and accept most commands just fine, but not allow a signal to go into TX mode to pass to the Pluto? That may explain the issue, and removing and reinserting the cable plug effected a better connection.


Best regards,
Chris 2E0ILY

j> Network ports on PCs are not interchangeable in general. In
j> some situations it matters but you don't notice it because
j> the difference is hidden behind your router's DHCP server.
j> Other times it seriously matters such as speaking to a Pluto
j> directly from the PC. Get the Ethernet port wrong on the PC
j> compared to working configurations will almost always cause you
j> headaches. Ethernet is NOT USB and USB is not Ethernet. They are
j> not subsets of each other in terms of their base functionality.

j> Ethernet speaks peer to peer. USB speaks only when the root hub
j> speaks to the specific USB device. So USB polls for data. Ethernet
j> simply processes data that comes in. That difference can cause
j> problems such as what caught you.

j> {^_^}

j> On 20210606 02:55:11, Chris Wilson wrote:
j> Hello Joanne, (got it right this time) ;)

j> Sunday, June 6, 2021

j> It turns out NOT to be anything to do with SDR Console at all, at
j> least as far as I can tell Joanne.

j> I THINK I have fixed it. A very odd problem. I tried swapping the
j> ethernet cable to a second port on the main satellite PC and
j> suddenly I could transmit again. Why I have no idea. And why it
j> even has two ethernet ports I do not know, either, one is just
j> marked Ethernet, the other IBM Ethernet. I seem to recall having to
j> load two different drivers for ethernet on this IBM motherboard, too.

j> The Pluto, pre amp and PA are back outside in a box under the
j> dish, so I can't say if basic USB connection for TX is also working
j> again. I don't want to mess with it :)

j> I then swapped the ethernet cable back to he original port on the
j> main PC, and it also worked again there. Maybe the connector plug
j> contacts were tarnished, who knows?

j> I would like to know what was going on, as I am concerned it will
j> occur again, but for now all seems OK and I have had two nice
j> contacts on SSB with excellent reports. Bloody computers!!

j> Thanks for the reply and take care.


j> Best regards,
j> Chris 2E0ILY

j>> Show pictures, full size with as much of the settings as
j>> possible showing. Be sure to show both the TX and RX panes as
j>> well as everything else. Your description of the problem
j>> leaves too many things unsaid for Simon. (Does "no TX" mean the TX
j>> pane is not showing? What levels do you have set for microphone and drive? And so forth.)

j>> The forum (
j>> (supposedly) the place to go for quicker help.

j>> {^_^}

j>> On 20210605 06:29:27, Chris Wilson wrote:
j>> 05 June 2021

j>> Running SDR Console on two Win 7 64 bit PC's one a laptop, the
j>> other a desktop. Both RX'd and TX'd fine to QO-100 using both USB
j>> and ethernet connections to a Pluto SDR, locally and remotely.
j>> Suddenly no TX at all from the desktop, but RX is fine. A seemingly
j>> identically set up SDR Console on the laptop triggers the Pluto to
j>> TX fine, via USB or remotely at the dish via ethernet and a USB to
j>> ethernet adaptor. The satellite hears the signal fine. I am
j>> testing the Pluto with a pow meter on the output when checking the
j>> none working PC, it gives zilch out. Laptop gives expected power. Same cabling used in both tests.

j>> I have spent hours on this, reloaded SDR Console, deleted and
j>> recreated definitions, everything can think of. The laptop is old,
j>> slow and struggling, but it does work. Can I send a log file from
j>> both PC's anywhere please? How best to create them so as to be of
j>> most use and relevance? Any words of wisdom as to what else to try please? Thanks!



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