Re: WinRadio for at least 15 MHz Instantaneous B/W

Guy Atkins

My apologies, I mistyped. I meant to say the RX-888 performed better than the FDM-Duor and FDM-S2 (not S3!) for overload resistance when DXing the MW band. Both of those radios along with the RSPdx cannot handle the MW band from a Wellbrook ALA1530LNP Imperium. I live near Seattle USA with a lot of strong medium wave stations. I can run the RX-888 with normal gain, but the others need so much attenuation as to render those radios fairly insensitive. 

Regarding alias-free bandwidth, I've never investigated the RX-888 closely for phantom signals when experimenting with the full HF bandwidth at once. I'm not interested in LF or upper HF, so if there's false signals at the edges it doesn't matter to me. However, a very wide 32 MHz coverage is only a curiosity to me; I normally use either 2 MHz sampling rate to capture and record MW only, or sometimes the 8 MHz rate to also include the tropical bands and up to 41 meters.

I happen to have a G33DDC arriving today, and expect that the RX-888 with start to gather dust  :^)

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