Re: WinRadio for at least 15 MHz Instantaneous B/W

Guy Atkins

It's not a WinRadio, but the RX-888 provides 32 MHz demodulated bandwidth (or less, your choice). At less than $200 it's an attractive option; mine installed easily and has worked flawlessly. It has a very robust front end, too-- FAR better than the FDM-Duor, FDM-S3, and RSPdx that I've compared it to.

The RX-888 is a "cottage industry"/one-man-band product and doesn't have the support of a full fledge company like WinRadio, but at it's price it has amazing value. Works gangbusters with SDR-Console too! (Thank you, Simon!)

I don't have a need for any bandwidth greater than 2 MHz, but in tests with my "budget" gaming laptop I've done 32 MHz demod AND recording IQ WAV files simultaneously to an external HD without hiccups or slowdowns. 

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