Re: Listening audio clips in mp3 players WMA not played !!! #rsp1a

Zacharias Liangas

I had various problems with standby mp3 playees
A muvi 18 counted fast the empty parts of mp3 and wma file starts and continued normal afyer .Player of mid 00s that died a few years ago
It only supported files down to 44/44 in WMA mode and down to 8/11khz mp3 mode.
My car audio played mp3 files that are only in the standard mp3 norm as say 128/44khz .A file of 128/48 was immediately skipped.
All players play a vast of rates for mp3 and wma but uncommon modes as 32,44/48 khz in WMA are not supported even if they can be played correctly in Windows

I can write a very long article from my experience with audio files

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