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John (M5ET)

Hi Andy,


I’m simply responding to queries from others, who suggested this. However, given that you have either 6, 15, or 32 buttons per ‘page’ with the different Stream Deck variants, and given you can basically program each button, stick a text label on it, stick an image there too, and even have the image change based on whether a status is ‘on’ or ‘off’… Not to mention subfolders and sub-profiles you can switch between all by pushing buttons, you suddenly have a huge amount of extra flexibility with dynamically updating button faces. Sure, each folder you create loses you a button from the main page, but if you do like I’ve done with mine (I do use it for streaming), and have a “Select Profile” button which loads up a page of buttons each containing a separate profile, you can then have 31 usable buttons per profile page, and the full 32 profiles, one per button in the ‘select’ screen. Each button is actually a small OLED screen underneath a transparent top, hence the ability to have them update automatically.


I fully agree it lacks a jog wheel/VFO wheel style option, but if you take the XL for example (8 columns, 4 rows), you could literally have a button for each mode you wanted, a button for each band you wanted, a button for each of a set of different filter widths, and still plenty to spare, all with images that update when they detect a certain config (assuming a properly integrated plugin). I have a Shuttle Pro as well, and that works nicely for various things, but has fewer buttons and they don’t label themselves based on what I’m doing. Nothing stops me using both the Shuttle Pro and the Stream Deck XL in tandem though, and it’s something I’m now seriously considering configuring up as a test!


It was initially designed as a content/streaming controller, you’re correct there. However, the original design is just the tip of the iceberg. I know one ham who uses his as a launch pad for different application stacks (due to the multi-action button option), whereby he pushes one button and it opens up a specific profile for his preferred data mode application, opens up his logging software, opens up a couple of webpages, loads up KST2Me, and has everything ready to go with one tap.



John (M5ET)


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Interesting, still I'm a bit confused. It seems all the attention is focused on Stream Deck as a content/streaming controller. You maintain it can work as function controller, like the TMate or Shuttle Pro? Wouldn't the latter provide for better ergonomics? On the SD I don't see any physical rotating wheel, for instance.

Looking forward to your guiding explanations.





On Tue, May 4, 2021 at 7:17 PM John (M5ET) <john@...> wrote:

There’s a “proper” MIDI plugin available via the plugins library… Its website is


You’re much more likely to find people are willing to install something that’s packaged with the SD via its library/store, than something on github. It’s a usability thing, more than anything else. One search and two clicks gets me a MIDI plugin, whereas the github link you provided likely involves me spending ages reading up on how to install it before we even get anywhere near doing anything!


When added, it gives the following “button type” options:



I’m sure it could be configured to do things that way, but each user would have to manually configure the MIDI commands they want to run (and once you select “Control Change” for example, you then have to pick the MIDI ports, the command you want to send etc etc). It’d be much cleaner to have a proper SDR-Console plugin which either sends the same MIDI commands, or better still, a proper interface that the StreamDeck software can talk to directly which negates faffing.


This is all getting rather close to asking Simon to build and maintain a whole extra piece of software though, and that’s a big ask for someone who’s already producing such an excellent package the way he does!



John (M5ET)


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Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] SDR Console vs. Elgato Stream Deck


On Tue, May 4, 2021 at 06:25 PM, Simon Brown wrote:

MIDI is different. AFAIK the Elgato appears as a sort of HID device.

Oh. I thought a MIDI-interface was bundled with it. But there is at least one plugin for this.

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