Re: SDR Console vs. Elgato Stream Deck

John (M5ET)

There’s a “proper” MIDI plugin available via the plugins library… Its website is


You’re much more likely to find people are willing to install something that’s packaged with the SD via its library/store, than something on github. It’s a usability thing, more than anything else. One search and two clicks gets me a MIDI plugin, whereas the github link you provided likely involves me spending ages reading up on how to install it before we even get anywhere near doing anything!


When added, it gives the following “button type” options:



I’m sure it could be configured to do things that way, but each user would have to manually configure the MIDI commands they want to run (and once you select “Control Change” for example, you then have to pick the MIDI ports, the command you want to send etc etc). It’d be much cleaner to have a proper SDR-Console plugin which either sends the same MIDI commands, or better still, a proper interface that the StreamDeck software can talk to directly which negates faffing.


This is all getting rather close to asking Simon to build and maintain a whole extra piece of software though, and that’s a big ask for someone who’s already producing such an excellent package the way he does!



John (M5ET)


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Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] SDR Console vs. Elgato Stream Deck


On Tue, May 4, 2021 at 06:25 PM, Simon Brown wrote:

MIDI is different. AFAIK the Elgato appears as a sort of HID device.

Oh. I thought a MIDI-interface was bundled with it. But there is at least one plugin for this.

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