Re: The Decline of Ham Radio

Mag loop Simon

Hi Simon

Its been like that for donkies though.

But is getting worse.( abit like stamp collecting!) .my kids now 16 up soooooo uninterested in ham radio..why would they be? Internet, gaming schooling here in Uk is crap..atleast i was taught about physics and radio.( though my english was bad as you may be able to tell.)

This Is the reason why now i am at age 57 are badgering the “older types” for info..what works say on 160m antennas what does not..etc..knowledge will be lost otherwise.

Secondary, we as ( old, had license for 40 yrs.) hams “ put down” cb operators trying to join us..WE NEED them!! Yes one will have to put up with “ my name here is xyz,” plus a long story about an end feed long wire feed with a miracle balun, but that or losing Ham radio? I chose ex cber! The more the better.

Atleast the ex cbers do not sit on 80m jamming like some hams do..

I hate ft8 boring...but times change.. ( anyone reading my mini rant, please dont use 400w plus on data..not what it was designed for.!)

Simon g0zen ( mini rant over..)

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