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I don't play around in those upper frequencies so I have no idea of the density of very powerful signals up there. For example would the 960-1610 filter, which is fixed tuned as they all are, be likely to improve GPS reception or not, for example? Can anyone relate some experience up there to help me fill this gap in my knowledge?


On 20210424 06:46:05, Tom Crosbie G6PZZ wrote:

An interesting link, Simon.

If only there was a similar kit covering VLF, LF, MW, SW.

BUT…it would have to tune in step with the SDR using Console.




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Subject: [SDR-Radio] Low-cost, software-definable front end preselector for SDRs




An open source, low-cost, software-definable front end preselector for SDRs and wideband receivers.


ATEK1001 | Crowd Supply


7 fixed-frequency, 1 external bypass, switchable

  • Band 1: 485-810 MHz
  • Band 2: 660-1125 MHz
  • Band 3: 960-1610 MHz
  • Band 4: 1420-2435 MHz
  • Band 5: 2070-3685 MHz
  • Band 6: 3245-5395 MHz
  • Band 7: 4660-7730 MHz


Simon Brown, G4ELI



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