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Nick Hall-Patch

SDRConsole's Data Analyser (in View / Options) does indeed make that claim, resolution bandwidth to better than 0.01Hz under the right settings, when playing back previously recorded SDR files.  More samples are used to generate finer scaled FFTs than are used in most SDR playback software.  See for example.

There is a possibility of generating CSV files of signal strength versus time for a passband of 1Hz (but only 1Hz) in Data Analyser....hence my question, because other software, such as Carrier Sleuth ( ) can generate CSV files for narrower bandwidths yet, but is very clear that it is displaying the highest value signal strength within that bandwidth, unless you are asking for a single bin worth of bandwidth.  But peak value that can be a different, and lower, value from the total power within a passband.



At 23:57 2021-04-21, jdow wrote:
Um, er, ah, 1 Hz bandwidth? I am not sure SDRRadio will do that in any meaningful sense. You are pushing the limits of what a tool designed for picking olives when you try to use it to pick grapes. You may have to design your own instrument if you want that level of instrumentation accuracy. Depending on the front end the measurements you would get would be whimsical at best. {o.o}
On 20210421 09:32:57, Nick Hall-Patch wrote:
This may be more a forum question, but isn't a bug report, more a "how is the sausage being made" question. When I have created a CSV file in Data Analyser, it has taken its information from a +/- 0.5Hz slice of spectrum. For each timestamp, is that data the total power level within the +/-0.5Hz bandwidth, or the maximum power level? Thank you. Nick

Nick Hall-Patch
Victoria, BC

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