Re: AirSpy R2 Setup with SDRC V3

Max Mucci, N5NHJ

Hello jdow,
I don't really understand why you jump in any discussion, sometimes without a clue about what is the topic.
Do you have an R2? if yes tune a carrier, change the frequency, click on center (the pop-up control panel which appears over the panadapter zone) and please confirm the carrier has moved.
I have reported it as a bug few weeks ago, it has noting to do with GS locking (yes, my R2 is GPS locked) or with moon Doppler.

73 de Max, N5NHJ (I8NHJ)

Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 11:51:57 PM, you wrote:

Phase lock it to GPS and the unscheduled wandering frequency should end. But, the Moon moves relative to your location so you get frequency shift there, I am sure you know.


On 20210421 08:45:39, Max Mucci, N5NHJ via wrote:

Re: [SDR-Radio] AirSpy R2 Setup with SDRC V3
Hello Frank,
I've been using the R2 for 70 cm EME with excellent results (the only issue I have found using it with SDRC is the frequency shift after centering the signal in the panadapter).
You want to play a bit with the Radio panel controls, what I've found working quite well for me in terms of sensitivity and SNR is:
Gain: Sensitive/17
LNA: 17
Mixer: 20
VGA: 19
Visual: -30

73 de Max, N5NHJ (I8NHJ)

Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 10:00:49 AM, you wrote:

I am doing a TransAtlantic 144Mhz VHF Signal project this summer and plan to use the AirSpy R2 OR an SDRPlay RSP2 as the Receiver monitoring Eu FT8 VHF beacons.

I have used both of these before but it has been a couple of years .  The SDRPlay RSP2 appears to be working and the noise floor is approximately -120dBm on 6M.  (VHF antennas not erected yet).  A weak test signal is being received.
The Airspy doesn't seem to be working.  The noise floor is -95dbFS and no test signal can be heard.  What can be the issue?.  

If I run the Airspy using SDR# I can't hear anything.  I am not familiar with SDR# so I must have not installed it correctly.  Is there a procedure to setup the Airspy to work in SDRC V3?

Frank VO1HP

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